Fursuit Cleaning and Care

Sometimes, after a convention or a walk you need to wash your fursuit to refresh it and of course keep it clean!

Which parts should be cleaned?

Well, all!

Of course, you will need to wash the handpaws and body more often than your head or tail for example. There is no perfect recipe for washing, but here are some useful tips and tricks.

For this tutorial we used a bodysuit that we made couple of years ago for a costumer. If you’re unsure how to clean your bodysuit, you can always send it to us for a good, proper cleaning, just ask for our prices via email.

Always ask your fursuit maker if and how you can wash special parts like the head.

Hand wash or machine wash?

Our fursuits are both fine with hand wash and machine wash. We will show both methods in this tutorial.

Hand Washing

Turn your bodysuit inside out.

Fill a bathtub with lukewarm or cold water.

Do not use hot water.

The fursuit can be damaged above 50°C (122 °F).

Fursuits are made of synthetic fur fiber, and the heat can warp the fur.

Make sure to use a gentle detergent with no bleach, such as Woolite or any brand made for wool.

Put your bodysuit in the water, making sure to submerge it completely.

Modern washing powders are really effective, you only need just a spoonful of.

Wash your bodysuit gently by hand, rubbing soap into every part.

Once your entire bodysuit is soaped in, drain the tub and rinse our your bodysuit under running water.

Push down on the bodysuit gently to force out the suds and water. Make sure you push gently and don’t rub too hard.

At this point it would be nice to put it in a washing machine or spin-dryer at 900 Rpm to squeeze the water out, but if the machines are not available you can gently squeeze it with your hands.

Once you’ve squeezed most of the water out, put your costume on towels to soak up most of the moisture.

Never hang a soaking wet fursuit!

Dry it on a drying rack in an evenly spread horizontal position.

Only hang it once no longer soaking wet, ideally at a place with high airflow. You can also point a fan at the body.

Never put your bodysuit (or any fursuit parts!) in the dryer.

The heat will warp the fur.

Do not dry it under the sun on hot summer days.

The fursuit can be damaged above 50°C (
122 °F).

Never use an electric dryer, even on a no-heat setting, because the friction caused by the faux fur item tumbling around in the dryer creates heat that destroys the fibers. Only air-dry faux fur items.

Machine Washing

Turn your bodysuit inside out and put it in a big pillowcase or duvet cover for extra protection.

When faux fur garments are washed, microfibers may leak into the water system. It may clog your machine or sewage pipes.

Washing the fursuit in a bag or pillowcase can prevent the fallen hair to go everywhere. It will also protect the fiber.

Make sure to use a gentle detergent free of bleach or fabric softeners. A formula created for delicate fabrics.

You can add a tiny little bit of fabric softener, but don’t add too much as it will make your fur sticky.

Choose the setting with the lowest heat (20-30°C) and spin cycle rate, usually machines have a Wool or Gentle setting. Do not choose a program with heat or put the bodysuit in the dryer afterwards.

If your suit is still very wet after the program ends, it’s safe to add another spin cycle at the regular Rpm (1400 or up). Once done, you can hang your fursuit to dry.

In the tutorial we used a 30 minute program with 20°C and 900 Rpm.


Make sure to brush your suit while it is still drying! This gives the best results. Make sure to use a rotapen comb or slicker brush.

After brushing out the fur and after the suit has dried, shake out the body (or handpaws) a few times to make the fur fluffy again.

You can wash your handpaws and tail with the methods above.

As stated, always ask your maker before washing, as all makers have different ways of construction!

This is a good brush. It’s possible to order one with your suit, just ask!

top: brushed after washing, bottom: washed but not brushed out, yet.

Faux fur is a not biodegradable material. Usually it is synthetic fabric that is made from a blend of acrylic and polyester fibers.

After cleaning the fursuit collect the fallen hair and don't dispose it in the communal waste. Try to dispose it with the rest of your non-biodegradable plastic waste, or more information ask for your local waste services.

Now, how about the head?

First of all, you can always ship it back to us and ask for a proper cleaning. We are happy to do so!

In addition you can find fursuit sprays at conventions. It is also possible to buy them at online stores. These alcohol based sprays refresh your suit and help combat bacteria which cause smells. You can use the spray on the inside of your head but avoid contact with the eyes: due to their high alcohol content it can damage the paint.

You can find our sprays too and pre-order them - or buy them from us at any convention.

You can also wash your head in the bathtub.

Very important: if you aren’t sure if the eyes are waterproof: NEVER submerge the head in water. Use a sponge or cloth to spot clean it instead. Gently rub the cloth around the head using a gentle detergent. You can use a brush if needed. Once done, take a clean cloth to rinse out the soap.

If your eyes are waterproof and your maker gives the green light, you can put your suit in water and follow the steps above. Always be gentle in pushing the water out.

Once you’re done washing your head, put it somewhere to allow it to air out. Ideally you should put your head on a fan to keep air circulating and ensure no nasty bacteria or fungus can grow.

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Thank you and take care!