About us

FursuitUP is a set and costume design studio from Europe. We make high-quality custom fursuits and mascot costumes. We make half suits and full suits, plantigrade or digitigrade, with toonie or following eyes, cats, dogs, monsters, wolf, dragons and etc. We also make costume accessories such as plush toys and polar toys.

The owner and creator is Grion (grion.wolffox[at]gmail.com) Finished in art school as Costume and Set Designer, and got a degree in Graphic Design in 2017. Grion is a professional costume maker, and works on fursuit designs since 2010.

We never use old or used products for fursuits! Best materials for everyone. We use secret-holes on the suit heads for best air-conditioning. It is possible to wear our suits up to 3 and a half hours without water or fan cooling. For eyes we use plastic mesh, and the vision is great from the heads, no "blind" parts. The masks, or "heads", are built on a lycra-based balaclava style hood with foam. Our heads are comfortable, at first time it can be a bit tight, but it's necessary if you have a moving jaw for example. Every suit will dilate a little bit with time.

for more info feel free to contact us at : info[at]fursuitup.com

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