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List of customizable items

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 moving jaw
(with realistic jawset)

static jaw
sewn nose with sewn tongue
 handmade clay nose
plastic nose
silicone nose
toonie eyes
following eyes
sewn padpaws
silicon padpaws
5 fingers handpaws
4 fingers handpaws
back zip
front zip
outside feetpaws
 inside feetpaws
partial suit
full suit

How to get a qoute?

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We reserves the right to decline commissioners that are under 18 years old. 

This procedure below may have seem a lot to take in first, but we are really committed to make it the easiest and safest for you. We are usually providing work in progress photos, videos, streams for our customers, and always keep in touch via chat or email to make sure you (customers) are up to date with our work.

Please read our Term of Service

Send an email to grion.wolffox[at]gmail.com with a reference sheet and detailed description of your commission request. We can also mak a custom design for you, if you don't have a reference about your character, just make sure you properly explained your idea.

Your personalized price quote is valid for 2 months, after that you have to re-submit your quote as the pricing system or certain aspects of my costume building may have changed in at the time.

 The simple fursuit pack includes:
  • the costume
  • a fursuit plan
  • a badge
 The travel fursuit pack includes:
  • the costume
  • a fursuit plan
  • a badge
  • trolley bag
  • vacuum bags
 The deluxe fursuit pack includes:
  • the costume
  • a fursuit plan
  • a badge
  • trolley bag or case
  • vacuum bags
  • T-shirt and gifts

We work with starting prices. It means: all additional details will cost you more.
(Head starting like: one fur color, toonie eyes, non moving jaw, sewn nose, handmade teeth. If you want following eyes, realistic jawset, 3 fur color, hair, moving jaw, etc. all high up the final price. It's also can be higher, if you have extreme sizes.)
You can find the list of customizable items here.

We only accepts payment through PAYPAL in EUR!

Yes, we SHIPPING WOLDWIDE. But all shipping is different, because it's always up on the weight.
The calculated price NOT includes fees and shipping! We calculate the shipping separately, and it will be added to the second payment. (First we have to make the suit, to measure it for shipping)

You have to pay by 2 installments.
The first payment is for materials, rent, work etc. You have to complete it before we begin to work.
The second payment will include the shipping price and other costs. We will ask for the last payment after the fursuit is done.

You have two weeks to pay, if you don't pay in time, we can't ship.
If you don't pay in 8 weeks at all, we keep the fursuit and take it to an auction as a new, never used fursuit. So please, remember this time limit!

If the costume has been completed and there is something that you think isn't right, and you'd like it to be changed let me know and I will tell you if it can or cannot be changed. If it is my fault for not following your reference artwork or the directions stated in the quote then no charges will be made, but if it is something that was not mentioned by the commissioner or not stated/shown on the reference artwork and is my own interpretation of it (eg. The fur is not the right shade even though it matches the reference) then a fee will be charged to cover cost of time and materials.

For more information contact us!

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